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My political milestones

About Me.

My journey in politics began after GE13 as an opposition state assemblyman, where I passionately advocated for the causes I believed in. After the GE14, I experienced a shift in status as I became a member of the ruling party for my second term, which brought about new opportunities and challenges. However, the tumultuous Sheraton move, which aimed to overthrow the PH government, forced me back into the opposition, where I stood firmly for my principles and values. Despite the election loss of PH in the Johor State election in April 2022, I remained steadfast in my commitment to serve the people as a member of the opposition for my third term.

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Leader of the Balancing Force for Johor State Assembly

20 March 2023

For the first time in history, ADUN PH is known as the "Balancing Force" in the Johor State Assembly.

DAP Johor Flood Relief Committee Chairman

5 March 2023

I have been entrusted with the task to coordinate work in the severe Johor Flood, to help the victims to overcome the crisis.

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Leader of the opposition for Johor State Assembly

11 Dec 2022

I have been appointed as the new Leader of the opposition for Johor State Assembly. Thanks to Pakatan Harapan presidential council, Johor PH Chairman, Datuk Salahuddin Ayub, and former Leader of the opppostion for Johor State Assembly, Liew Chin Tong, for their trust in me.

acknowledge that this responsibilty is challenging given then changing political landscape of our country.

DAP Johor 15th GE Preparatory Committee Chairman

26 April 2022

I took over from Sdri. Teo Nie Ching as the Chairman of the 15th GE Preparatory Committee.

I realized that the 15th GE would be a tough battle, so reform in campaign strategy would be necessary. 


3th term as Johor State Assemblyman for Stulang and DAP Whip

21 April 2022

I sworn in as Johor State Assemblyman.

Oppostion - Ruling - Oppostion - Opposition

I will continue to hold the ruling party accountable and provide a critical voice in the legislative process.

I was also appointed as DAP Whip in the Johor State Assembly, in which my duty was to ensure party discipline in the legislature.

DAP Johor State Secretary

2 May 2021

I was appointed as the DAP Johor State Secretary. I am committed to work tirelessly with my fellow party members to advance the interests of Johoreans and DAP.  The DAP Johor State Committee and I will continue to promote our shared values of justice, equality, and progress.


Back to begin a member of the Oppostion

27 February 2020

​With the downfall of the PH Johor State Government and the establishment of the new "backdoor" government, my status had reverted back to begin a member of the Opposition in the Johor State Assembly.

Chairman of Special Task Force on the issues of traffic congestion in the BIS and CIQ

July 2018

I was appointed as the Chairman of Special Task Force on the issues of traffic congestion in Sultan Iskandar Building Customs (BIS) and Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ).

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2nd term as Johor State Assemblyman for Stulang

9 May 2018

I retained N45 Stulang with a majority of 12,540 but not as the opposition this time. For the very first time, there is a change in the Johor State Government with PH winning 36 seats out of 56.

First time elected as Johor State Assembly for Stulang

5 May 2013

I was nominated by DAP in the 13th GE to contest in Stulang and I won the seat with 19,799 votes. Since then, I started my life as a Johor State Assemblyman.

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