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Press Statements

It's very heartening to see that some of my precious suggestions were implemented by the government.

26 March 2023

I suggested that the requirements for MM2H should be reviewed as it is too strict now. I also proposed to implement a Special Financial Zone in Iskandar Malaysia.

20 March 2023

As the Leader of the "Balancing Force", I made 3 suggestion in the Johor State Assembly.

14 December 2022

Electronic payment system of public bus transportation is essential for smoothing the process of getting up and down of passengers, punctuality and reducing congestion in addition to improving the efficiency of bus companies.

The electronic payment system for public buses is important for passengers to get off and off, bus arrival on time, reducing congestion and managing the operation of bus companies.

This e-pay system needs to use a system/machine that accepts multiple cards that are more universal and general

Electronic payment systems need machines that can accept more payment methods.

10 December 2022

1 Sgd, 2.8 Myr, might not be impossible.

In relation to this, a vibrant investment influx is what we need.

8 December 2022

I believe a mature political culture between the federal government and state government is what we need.

17 December 2021

I urged the governments, both Malaysian and Singapore, to extend VTL (Land) to private cars, motorcycles, and emergency cases.


24 November 2020

I suggested to the government to allow all returning Malaysians from Singapore to undergo the same health measures, not only those holding work permit.

10 October 2021

I appealed to the Singapore government for Malaysia to be added to the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL).


25 July 2021

I suggested the government to allow people to update overseas vaccination records in Mysejatera.

4 June 2021

Together with Dr. Goh Aik Ping, we suggested the JKJAV to include children above 12 years old in the vaccination program.


18 & 28 February 2021

I called for Covid-19 passports (both physical and digital vaccine passports) and a dedicated database on Covid-19 vaccination between Malaysia and Singapore to be set up so that Malaysia-Singapore travel can resume.

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