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July 2018, I was appointed as the Chairman of Special Task Force on the issues of traffic congestion in the Sultan Iskandar Building Customs (BIS) and Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ).

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The special task force used only four months to complete a study and a report of 400+ pages containing 11 recommendations on how to ease the traffic congestion was submitted in January 2019.


Setting up a single agency at the CIQ to reduce bureaucracy in the management of the border checkpoint.


Combining the immigration, road charge and PLUS counters into a single counter for the clearance of inbound cars.


Minimise and eventually abolish top-up transactions for Touch 'n Go cards at the inbound car lanes within a year.


Limit the time a factory bus can stop at the complex and rearrange the parking bays for the factory vans and buses.


Place light-emitting diode signages at the A, B, C, and D zones for the inbound cars to avoid bottleneck. Place The People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) and auxiliary police personnel to help control traffic. Ensure the number of counters opened in zones A and B are the same as in zone C and D.


Use big data and artificial intelligence for border checks and optimise the sharing of data among all agencies at the complex. Identify the patterns and norms of users to plan ahead and forecast incidents.


Increase the number of immigration officers during peak hours.


Improve the Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS) and increase the number of E-gates for inbound passenger halls, and readjust the algorithm of the Secured Automated Clearance System (MBIKE) for inbound Malaysian motorcyclists.


Consult Singapore authorities about increasing the frequency of the Johor Bahru-Woodlands train service, extend the bus services until 1 am, encourage transport operations from both countries to provide shuttle services along the causeway, and make Touch 'n Go top-up transactions available in Singapore.


Improve the online ticketing system for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd's Tebrau train service


Make sure the Rapid Transit System Link becomes a reality, while following up on Proposals such as the Malaysian-Singapore Third Crossing, travelator and pedestrian walkways for the causeway, and diverting all heavy vehicles to the Second Link

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